Business Bay Area Guide

Dubai leaders dream of their city as the Business Capital of the Middle East. In order to make that dream a reality, they launched Business Bay project, costing $30 billion and with a vision of hosting thousands of businesses. The objective is to turn Business Bay into the “IT” spot for Middle Eastern business leaders.

Developers in Business Bay had prototypes of the project in their minds – Manhattan or Ginza , the business epicenters respectively of New York and Tokyo. Similarly, Business Bay is designed to bring impact and activity to the city as, e.g., Manhattan’s financial district does. And, with nearly 47 million square feet , there’s certainly plenty of room for that to happen! As an added benefit, Business Bay is located between Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road. It’s a prime spot, just south of the already-vibrant Downtown Dubai.

Being sited on the banks of historic Dubai Creek, its location becomes even more eminent, since this water miracle has played an irreplaceable role in Dubai’s history turning the city from a mere fishing and pearl diving center into something more- international port.